Office Policies

Office Policies

Our Purpose:
As leaders in dentistry, we strive to maintain an enthusiastic environment that promotes patient satisfaction through knowledge, efficiency and integrity.

Listening to what your dental concerns are is one of our most important jobs. Developing an individualized treatment plan and completing the dental work needed to restore your mouth to its healthy, esthetically pleasing best, takes time, effort and teamwork. This approach to “total” care may include coordinating your treatment with specialists if needed, as well as follow-up and maintenance care after all your restorative work is completed. With well-planned, careful dentistry, there is little, if any, need for the “patch and repair” work associated with dental care for so many years.

For your convenience, we see patients by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday.

We reserve time to do a thorough initial comprehensive examination, take necessary X-rays and records, and discuss problems or concerns you may have. Depending on the nature of your dental problem, you may see the doctor only for an initial evaluation. Subsequent appointments are scheduled according to the specific procedures needed.

Every effort is made to structure your dental care so that emergencies are prevented. However, if a problem does develop, feel free to call our office at (520) 886-8090 and either leave a message that can be retrieved first thing in the morning by our business staff Monday through Saturday, or if the problem requires immediate attention you will be directed in how to reach Dr. Lopez.

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