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We often get nice notes from our patients. These small gestures are the greatest compliment we can receive. We hope you find these testimonials helpful:

"Every since I could remember, I have always had problems with my jaws. When I opened them wide they'd pop. One time, my jaws locked shut so that I was unable to eat my lunch in junior high school. Although it scared me, it happened infrequently and so I just kept these episodes to myself.

As I got older, I started to feel pain in my jaws and neck and whatever activities that I did that made my jaws hurt, I made a mental note of it and avoided them to prevent the pain in my jaws. I've learned not to chew gum, not to read out loud too long, not to open my mouth too wide, not to talk on the phone too long (that's really hard for someone who likes to talk a lot) and avoid exercises that would trigger neck pain.

Eventually I saw an orthodontist. I was given exercises, topical medication, and a night guard. Not until I saw Dr. Lopez did someone actually offer to correct the problem rather than treat the symptoms. He recommended that my bite be readjusted to allow my bottom jaw to move forward. The pain in my jaw was caused by my upper jaw preventing my lower to move forward. It would be accomplished through orthodontics (braces). He recommended me to a great orthodontist and I was on my way.

Three long years later and four less teeth (these were removed to make room in my mouth), my braces will be removed in a few weeks!!! And I am pleased to say that my jaw pain has significantly decreased, even while wearing my braces. While the recent treatment (braces) cannot undue the many years of having an improper bite and its ramifications, I can say that so far, I like what I am seeing. I can now read books at night to my toddler without the pain. I haven't felt the neck pain in ages. And I don't have to wear a night guard! Even my husband noticed that I do not complain as much about my jaw pain (and this was during the time I had to wear braces). I am hoping to see even greater improvements once my braces are off.

So thank you Dr. Lopez and thank you to your staff for a job well done!

-Remy S."

-Richard S.

"I would like to express my sincere thanks for the great work done by Dr. Lopez and his staff. He is a true craftsman. You can trust he will ensure everything is done to the highest standards. I look forward many years of excellent work by Aspen Dental."

-Richard S.

"I look at a dentist office as a complete package of both a competent dentist as well as supportive professional staff. Any one link in the chain can result in a lack of trust by the patient. I have been very satisfied with both at Aspen Dental. I have never been fond of dental visits but painful treatments I recall in the past at former dentist offices seem painless at Aspen Dental. I look forward to a renewed dental experience with Dr. Lopez and his professional staff. I am thankful for the referral from a friend who introduced me to this office."

-Top P.

"Going to the dentist has never been a good experience for me until I became a patient at the office of Dr. Lopez. Before becoming a patient here, I would wait years between check-ups because of fear and past experiences. From his caring staff to the time and care the doctor takes to talk to you about your dental health, this office has been an exceptional experience for me.

Not only does the entire office make you feel like you are their most important patient, but also the dental work was immaculate and painless. With yellow teeth, cavities, etc., I had many resin-composite fillings and deep whitening done that made my teeth look whiter and healthier than ever.

Everyone comments on how white and nice my teeth look now. It makes one feel good about themselves hearing these compliments that were never heard in the past. Now it is a pleasure to go to the dentist because my smile is perfect! Thank you Dr. Lopez!"

-Harold M.

"Like so many of us, as a child I had a very bad experience with a Dentist. This bad experience carried into adulthood. I would have to come in more than once for simple procedures, simply because I couldnít handle the stress and discomfort. This caused frustration, anxiety and a financial burden on me as well as my family.

Some 2 Ĺ years ago, I was introduced to Dr. Lopez and his Staff by a close friend. In this short time period, I overcame my phobia and anxiety with Dentists. I went from having anxiety attacks to falling asleep in the chair. Dr. Lopez along with his highly professional and friendly staff put me at ease almost immediately. As a result, I was able to have more serious dental work performed with wonderful results.

Recently, I had Crown Lengthening and 6 Veneers done. The latter procedure took over 4 hours. What I enjoyed most, was that Dr. Lopez was able to complete all facets of work necessary himself, and not farm me out to specialists. For the first time in many years, I can smile without covering my mouth. It has given me confidence and made me a much happier person. I owe this all to Dr. Lopez and his Staff.

My family and I have moved to the White Mountains in Northern Arizona. We still retain Dr. Lopez for all our familiesí dental work. It is well worth the 5 hour trip each way. I would like to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of myself and family with a great big smile."

-Kristin D.

"The Aspen Dental team helped me determine the best method to whiten my teeth and to address two 25-year-old, yellowed crowns. Once the final decisions were agreed upon for whitening (Power Whitening plus whitening trays) and for crown replacements, every step was explained and scheduled. Everything proceeded according to plan and the results were perfect. At Aspen Dental my family receives professional, friendly service for all our dental needs."

-Penny N.

"My front teeth have been chipped for many years and had numerous fillings. Over the years, several dentists suggested crowns, but I always hesitated as I had a fear of having crowned front teeth that would stand out, and not match my other teeth. Also, I knew that as gum tissue recedes the metal base of the crown can show. Then a few weeks ago my front tooth broke off, so now I knew the teeth would have to be crowned. Dr. Lopez gave me several options and I decided to go with the full porcelain crowns. The full porcelain crowns have no metal base, so when the gums do recede no metal will show. Dr. Lopez did a very thorough process of making several sets of impressions of my teeth and taking photographs for the lab so they could match the exact color of my teeth. My new crowns are in and nobody can tell they are not my teeth. Thank you Dr. Lopez."

-Patricia N.

"When I met Dr. Lopez I had so many dental problems. I had six loose front teeth that had been capped previously. I had always been very nervous about going to the dentist. I had so many lousy experiences in the past . From my first visit, I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lopez and his staff. Dr Lopez and his staff explained every procedure in detail to me. I became more relaxed after every visit. I am so impressed with Dr. Lopez and his staff and my new teeth are BEAUTIFUL! My family (husband and daughter) both think heís tops!

Any questions on new teeth (Dentures), ask Dr. LopezÖ"

-Maudie V.

"Iíve been with Dr. Lopez for over 5 years and heís a great dentist. I have always been pleased with what he has done. Iím heading to Washington D.C. for my granddaughters wedding and Dr. Lopez was going to work on my lower front teeth. He said he could reshape the teeth and place fillings where I needed them. I wasnít in the chair very long and the end results were wonderful. My teeth are now even and the color looks great with the rest of the teeth. For an 88 year old, I couldnít believe my teeth could look so good again. Iím just amazed with the results and I thank Dr. Lopez."

-Gerry K.

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